Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pumpkins on the Shelf

Pumpkins on the Shelf
Watercolor batik on masa paper, 7x5
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I had ordered in some masa paper, and I just opened it today.  It is so much thicker than the rice paper I have been using!  I did not realize how thin the rice papers have been compared to this kind.  I don't think the scraps I had were really masa at all.  This paper absorbs so much more pigment and water, it is not transparent when wet, and the creases caused by the hot wax procedure are firmer and more linear - and more defined after ironing.  There is also a grainy texture left to the wet painted areas, when dry.  It is also a bit more resistant to the paint floated over the cracks of the hot wax.  I have a whole roll to experiment with, So I'm bound to learn some cool new techniques!  Painting number 646 in 646 days :)

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