Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Evening at Jovalou


What a great alley to paint for a nocturne, and the night was balmy and so very comfortable! Many is the time I shiver when painting at night, so I appreciate the gorgeous weather!  I only just saw these lights for the first time the day before, and popped in to see if they'd turn them on when i arrived.  It didn't take long to get the masses marked, and I started filling in the color.  As I worked I could see lightening rolling in from the west, so I worked quickly.  Painting outside nearly every day, I can tell when I need to kick it up a notch - or get wet! I finished and was back at my host home when the first raindrops began to fall.  It was pouring in no time, and I'm thankful I dodged the rain! Now that I've found this place, I can hardly wait to paint it again next year.  I'm happy this painting has a new home, and it is painting number 3917 in 3917 days.  ♥️🎨

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