Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Morning at Crestview Dairy

 Is there anything better than greeting the morning with a quick paint?  Warm, golden light streaming into the dairy farm, making it irresistible to this artist!  Painting at Crestview Dairy, I found the back side of the barns for my subject matter.  I paint the light first, quickly followed by the shadow colors, because light is fleeting at this time of day.  I'm thankful to have reloaded ultramarine blue on my palette, because I needed it for those shadow blues!  I ran out of it in Iowa, and had forgotten it until the last day of this event!  That color is definitely one of my must have primaries, going back to my years of using a limited palette.  I still heavily rely on my favorite three, even with all those worms of paint!  Painting number 3813 in 3813 days. 

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