Monday, November 7, 2022

Red Oak Valley Bridge

Today, I'm thankful for the wonderful iron bridges I find, begging me to paint!  Exploring a new place is such an adventure for this artist! Around each bend is a new delight, something I've never laid eyes on before, drawing me in for a closer look.  I'm never as observant as when I'm painting, seeing every color shift, light and shadow as it unfolds live before my easel.  We have a conversation, the landscape and I, she whispers with the breeze and trickling water, as I answer with my brush.  These moments are sacred, and I'm the only one here to capture the beauty. Too soon the painting is done, and I pack up and climb out of this creek bed, possibly never to return.  I'm thankful for this day. Painting number 4387 in 4387 days. 

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