Thursday, July 28, 2022


I LOVE painting the volunteer zinnias in my garden, collected from my travels while painting! During the Covid lock down, Mom and I made a regional tour to 5 galleries, delivering artwork and commissions.  We stayed in some amazing places, with gorgeous gardens, and I couldn't help but collect seed where it had dropped on public streets.  Some of these were giant zinnias, the largest, fullest, I had seen, in pink, red and purple.  I save seed from year to year, but didn't get around to planting the zinnias this spring.  I have several big, beautiful plants that sprung up on their own from last year's blooms.  They even came up where I would have planted them!  So, tonight I am painting the pink ones as they start their first blush, even after many days in the 100s, and little rain!  I can't wait to paint them in their full glory next month!  Painting number 4289 in 4289 days. 

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