Friday, June 5, 2020

Woodland Path

As the golden hour approaches, the landscape begins to call my name.  During this covid time, I've grown accustomed to taking Beau for a walk or run during this time, keeping one eye on the landscape.  I stop when I must, and Beau runs wide circles around me until I'm ready to hit the trail again.  We had a very large tree come down in last night's storm, and it crosses the path on the northern border, so we turned around and headed back home!  That tree was one of the oldest hackberries on the place.  I did use the direct watercolor method again, but I'm trying not to think, and just paint the scene before me. The "rules" have been interfering with my flow, so I'm trying to allow the painting to unfold organically, without my ink in tow.  We'll see what happens in the next 25 days.  Painting number 2704 in 2704 days.


  1. Beautiful play of light and shadow. With that increased contrast, I don’t long for ink!

  2. As always your art inspires me. Did you ever thing of showing us how you paint? The process. I know for a plein air artist this might be difficult but I would love to see you work. Have a very nice Saturday.