Thursday, November 22, 2018

Late Autumn at Cleveland Lake

With the gym closed this morning, I got a painting in early.  I love the morning light, and I am exploring my new Richeson oils again today.  The late autumn colors have me reaching for King's Blue and Golden Ochre as key players.  I ordered 4 different browns (which is crazy town) and I used each one here.  Asphaltum pushes toward warm red, Van Dyle brown is very like burnt umber, the burnt umber cool is true, and raw umber is deep least these are my first impressions in the morning landscape.  I received a round Gray Matters brush as a gift from Richeson, and I find myself going to it again and again.  I NEVER use rounds with my oils, almost always flats, angled or brights, and yet I like this round.  It is firm enough to keep a point, and lays down a good mark with straight paint. I use no solvent or mediums, so my brushes must be able to work that paint.  I'm going to have fun settling in with these new supplies!  Painting number 2126 in  2126 days.

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