Sunday, March 11, 2018

Miniature Roses ATC

This cold and cloudy day finds me painting inside.  The newly blooming crocus kept their little purple heads closed all day, so they are now slated for tomorrow.  My pink miniature rose is the perfect thing to brighten this day - and I choose ink and watercolor at the very last minute.  I had my oils out, but dimly changed my mind!  I am back to my favorite cotton rag paper, which I finally took the time to tear this morning.  I love the torn edges, but it takes a little time to make them ATC size.  The ink flows beautifully over the paper, as does the watercolor!  Oh, how I've missed this paper!  It seems like I'm forever preparing papers and panels, but I can't help liking what I like, and they just don't come the way I want either.  I sure hope to see the sun tomorrow - and maybe I can capture those crocus!  Painting number 1878 in 1878 days.

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