Monday, July 3, 2017

Water Lilies - watercolor journal

While working on this painting, I was a little too aggressive with my journal, trying to separate the last pages which were glued too much into the margin.  As you can see - I created more work for myself, now having to reglue and stitch this back together.  I'll be more careful next time!  I used a medium black Pitt pen to sketch out these water lilies at the arboretum.  Next, I used my largest water brushpen to lay in the colors.  The larger brushes work more effectively on this rough paper, allowing plenty of water onto the surface.  While wet, I drop in more pigment as necessary, to bump up the intensity as watercolors lighten as they dry.  Jumping back and forth from the fountain pen to this technique is fun.  I like to mix things up regularly!  Painting number 1636 in 1636 days.

1 comment:

  1. The water lilies are very beautiful. There's a lovely, peaceful feel to this piece Tammie. Cheers :D)