Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bold Beau

Bold Beau
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 8x8

This sweet little lab weighs over 100 lbs - and thinks he’s a lap dog!  His head is larger than mine, and his feet bruise mine when he happens to step on them as he goes outside first thing in the morning!  So full of energy, he has certainly been a handful - but he is so full of sweetness and love, that all is forgiven.  My husband’s “special boy” is my muse tonight, as I push the colors in a bold direction.  It was a little harder for him than it has been for the cats and Ray.  He is such an unusual red lab color, and it was hard to translate that into the vivid hues.  I started with highlights, then dropped in bolder colors a little at a time, testing them against their neighbors as I went.  So much of the energy of a painting is in the relationships of the hues - what lays next to what.  He has the most unusual light green “people” eyes - they seem to glow in real life (it was a little creepy at first)!  I’ve mainly used my brushes for this one, but I did do a little topping off with my new catalysts - which I love!  If you don’t have one, you simply must try one!  They make marks unlike any other tool.  This painting makes 1155 in 1155 days.

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