Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Golden Winter Stream

Golden Winter Stream
Oil on panel, 4x6
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This is the second winter study I have done for my own living room wall.  The size will be 22x28 for the actual piece, and I am trying themes out on a much smaller scale.  Yesterday's composition was much cooler, where this one is infused with golden light.  I do so love this warm, cozy light in sky and water.  I know that I want water in the landscape, I'm drawn to it in the landscape.  I think I am leaning towards this one of the two, but I still would like to paint at least one more.  I'm sure I will work in oils for my own wall - the rich, creamy texture in the strokes is irresistible.  Adding the cad orange and red oxide for added pop in the landscape, has me wondering if maybe I should have dropped in a little more green..........there would be so much I could do on a large scale that would hardly be noticed at first glance. Those color nuances would be eye candy for the viewer who came close to the face of the painting.  I like the whole mood of this one, perhaps this will be gracing my wall before Christmas!  This painting makes 704 in 704 days.  Now, I'm off to a couple of basketball games :)

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