Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First Impressions of Fairfield

First Impressions of Fairfield
Oil on panel, 9x12
Fairfield Fall Foliage Paint Out
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Quick Paint
On Location
This painting is from the Quick Paint at the Fairfield Fall Foliage Paint Out.  This charming town is full of historic buildings - and this was the very first one that caught my eye.  The morning was cold and windy - and I was so thankful to have brought my ski jacket!  Toasty in my layers, it was a fun 2 hour paint! This town was a delight to enjoy for four days this October - and I am looking forward to next year, too!  I don't think I am quite finished with this one - I see areas I would still like to work.  When I get the finishing touches on, I will post an updated photo.  This painting is number 668 in 668 days.  Today finds me in the hospital with my mom, who is here for a full knee replacement surgery.  I have some supplies with me, and will probably have time to start working on some small watercolor sketches tomorrow during her rest times.  I always feel better with a little something to keep my hands busy :)

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