Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Sunset by the Pond

In a day plum full of activities, I am squeezing in this little winter landscape.  Playing with the sunset color, and pushing cool and warm against each other, I work out the details of this wintry scene.  Many things are on my mind, and I am having a hard time focusing.  One salad made, a favorite dessert yet to be started - "death by chocolate" - and all that framing that I really needs to get done for next week.....and yet, I take this time to paint.  I may well be up into the wee hours tonight, but at least I have finished this painting at a timely hour!  Painting number 325 in 325 days - and tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day!  Oh, when will I have time to paint tomorrow?
Winter Sunset by the Pond
Oil on panel, 6x6

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