Thursday, May 6, 2021

Sunflower Hill Farm


Sometimes I have to get deep in the weeds, in the rain, to get the best paintings! After an ink sketch while it was only misty, I hiked to the car to frame, then up that hill to the barn to turn in.  My oil gear in tow, I rushed back down to the wet and rising creek to paint this gorgeous scene.  The waterfall just behind me was so loud I could not listen for approaching snakes - which meant I had to keep checking over my shoulder. After all, this is prime snakes territory.  I squeezed between 5 trees with just enough room to raise an umbrella until my panel was covered with paint.  Then, I could freely paint until finished.  The wild sweet William and mustard blooming along the creek was breathtaking, and so saturated with color in the rain!  It was a pretty wet, miserable evening, but oh I had so much fun!  Painting number 3038 in 3038 days. 

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