Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Defiance Ridge Inked

The view from the vineyard, looking up towards the house, is so inviting.  The very overcast day soon cleared up and the day was beautiful for painting!  I start first with a water resistant ink to sketch out my scene lightly.  Next I go in with a water soluble ink and lay down the darkest darks, getting the mid tones with a water brush pen. For this trip I am using my newest TWSBI mini in white and rose gold, with a broad nib.  It is the first time I've ever used a broad nib - and I like it!  It drops a heavier line with more ink, allowing me to get those rich darks more quickly.  It is, however, a little too broad for a couple of my papers that seem to have a heavier coating of sizing.  I must be very careful to not lay too much ink.  Things could get crazy in an instant and turn to night!  Haha!  Every painting is a lesson, and I enjoy every minute of it!  Painting number 3036 in 3036 days. 

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