Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Straatmann Feed Store

I love the challenge of this complicated tangle of structures - and have wanted to draw this since the very first time I saw it!  Pen and ink is the perfect medium, so I positioned myself across the street in a parking lot, using a sliver of shade from my car to keep most of the sun off my paper.  The very bright white of this handmade paper is blinding in direct sunlight!  I use a water resistant ink for the first sketchy lines of my composition.  On this one, I started with the central building with the large open door, and scaled all lines out from there.  I make a few tick marks across the composition to make sure I'm where I need to be while working.  I don't use pencil, only ink, so there's no going back if I mess up!  With the water soluble ink, I darken and add a little water for mid tones.  I spent more time than usual on this, largely because it is so complicated!  Happy this drawing went home with a new owner, to join another of my paintings from last time!  New Melle is such a fun small town to paint!  Painting number 3057 in 3057 days. 

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