Thursday, May 20, 2021

Front Porch Clematis

This stunning clematis is really putting on a show this year!  I painted it in ink and watercolor a few days ago, knowing I would have to try it out in oils!  I know this as Norma's Clematis, named after the dear friend who gave it to me, and this is it's most glorious bloom yet! With oils, I mark the lightest lights and darkest darks, before working towards the mid tones. I am using ultramarine violet for the flowers, and the color is true, but I find it doesn't have much strength when mixed. I probably should have reached for dioxanine purple, but I didn't think of it while painting.  I seldom use that hue, but for certain flowers it is perfect! I have really enjoyed painting this outstanding clematis, it has been a joy!  Painting number 3052 in 3052 days. 

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