Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sister Bay Saturday

Arriving in Sister Bay early, I stamped both a paper and a panel, unsure of which I would choose.  Without any idea of what I would paint, I walked directly to this place, instantly taken by the view.  Wildflowers bloomed abundantly in the foreground while the beach and marina unfolded behind. The weather was beautiful and warm, with gentle breezes.  The only drawback is that once again, I faced into the sun, with panel and palette in shade.  Thank goodness for sunscreen!  I took care in choosing my colors, laying down just what I saw throughout the painting.  With a two hour limit and a complicated subject, there was no room for error. I always enjoy visiting while I work, the time flies by so quickly!  Before I knew it, time was up and I was cleaning brushes and getting my second stamp!  This painting has a new home and is the 2015th painting in 2015 days.

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