Monday, July 2, 2018

Blue City Market

The writing under the drawing demonstrates the normal ink color all would see using this Levenger Cobalt Blue in a fountain pen.  Once I've sketched my composition, I add a little water - and voila - the true color of this ink comes through!  I can remember the days of only drawing with the colored inks, and I found some of them lackluster.  But wow, how they come to life when diluted.  I've also found that sometimes when I LOVE the written color of an ink, the water added one is just two strong for drawing!!  Like a vivid splash of color, pulling all attention away from the subject matter!  Most times, I don't even share them, they are just TOO CRAZY!  Perhaps, I should sprinkle one in every once in a while, just to shake things up!  This Kansas City skyline was drawn from the City Market, looking south, and is painting number 1988 in 1988 days.

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