Wednesday, July 4, 2018


The dishwasher is running, the robot is vacuuming, and the house is finally restored after a day of family fun and fireworks.  With my feet up and a cold drink at my side, I can take a few minutes to post my daily painting.  I will be painting at a local water garden this Saturday (#46 on the ticket) and have been scouting a few koi to paint in preparation.  I can only remember painting them one other time - and that was years ago!  I've never had an ornamental fish pond - largely due to our cats and dogs, but I do love them.  The movement of the fish in the water is mesmerizing.  Painting them REALLY makes me want them for my very own!  Turbulent Turtle is the craftsman of this artisan fountain pen.  There is something magical that happens when drawing with a pen like this! This little Koi wishes all a happy Independence Day and is the 1990th painting in 1990 days.
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  1. This is a fantastic photograph. The Koi is beautiful. The fountain pen...oh my, EXQUISITE! Wow, 1990! Party time in 10 days?