Thursday, July 19, 2018

Garden Phlox!

Oh the garden phlox is amazing this year, and I had been worried about our hot, dry spell!  The deluge of four inches of rain worked miracles on all the flowers - and we had another before I was finished with this one!  Choosing ink and watercolor today, I may well choose oils tomorrow!  I look forward to painting these beauties every July, and they never disappoint!  Fragrant as lilacs, their perfume wafts on the air as I paint from the front porch.  I've planted them all over the yard, so I can choose whatever location suits my mood, or the weather in this case!  Thinking I could get this in, I sketched fast, catching a bee as it darted in and out of the petals.  I'm already surprised to see them working still as raindrops start to fall.  I add some watercolor, then add a little more ink just to enhance some of the detail. As I sign and reach out for a photo, the downpour begins and I must hustle this watercolor under shelter!  Painting number 2006 in 2006 days.

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