Monday, May 14, 2018

Redbuds and Barn Watercolor

Today's painting class focused on inking a landscape, then filling in with watercolor.  This scene is one of the first I ever painted in Augusta years ago, only the trees are more mature now. Using one of my favorite journals, I first draw the scene with India ink.  This ink Is permanent and does not run with water, though it will fade a bit.   Once the composition is complete, I start filling in with my watercolor, saving the whites.  As watercolor dries, it lightens considerably, so adjustments are necessary.  I like to tweak the masses while they are still wet, allowing the color to mingle in that special way unique to watercolor.  This journal has quite a bit of sizing in the paper, so I will most likely need to rinse out my brushes before using them again.  Painting number 1937 in 1937 days.
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  1. Love the scene... love the journal idea.

  2. So Gorgeous! That will be a valuable Journal when you get through with it!