Sunday, May 6, 2018

Light on the Gate

I have lived most of my life in this area, and I have never been to this park. Furthermore, I did not even know it existed!  The area is gorgeous, and so historic.  After a little scouting, I returned to what grabbed me right at the beginning - this open gate with the dappled sunlight pouring through.  This was a two hour quick paint, and I didn't start my sketch until 20 minutes in.  So, I cut my allotted two hours down to just under an hour and a half.  I had already thought out my painting during the drawing process, so I got right down to business getting those lights marked first.  I pushed into the darks next, getting those masses down.  I work very intuitively when I'm in a race with time, using those last minutes to merge masses and complete the finish work on the edges.  It was a lovely place to spend a couple hours.  I will definitely return here to paint!  Painting number 1930 in 1930 days.

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