Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Along the Peony Path

I headed to the Arboretum, planning to paint the rustic pond back in the Kid's Discovery Garden.  After an ink drawing, I decided that composition was just going to make a rather lack luster painting, so I packed up to look for something that wowed me.  When I came upon these peonies, they sure delivered a punch!  They are absolutely stunning this year!  The only bad thing is that I HAD to set up in the full sun to capture this view. I checked it from all angles, but this one had the pop.  Thank goodness I had lathered on some 110 sunblock, I just never know when I might need it!  As I lay in the masses, I try to study the colors really in each mass.  It is so helpful to paint each one in where I see it, meeting the edges later.  Making thoughtful decisions during painting really improves the finish for me.  Every painting is a lesson.  Painting number 1946 in 1946 days.

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