Saturday, May 19, 2018

Erikson Garden in Sepia

The Erikson Water Garden is a special place to paint.  There is something about setting up by the water, with the sound of the water trickling over rocks, that lulls me into a serene painting zone.  Thoughts of the two hour quick paint faded away, and I truly melted into my surroundings, really seeing what unfolded before me.  I'm using my newest TWSBI Eco T with ink I blended myself.  The brown black shade lends a timeless feel to this extraordinary garden scene.  I loved this place so much, I framed and turned this in, and returned for another painting here in oils.  I'm going to really enjoy painting here for the next two weeks.  Painting number 1943 in 1943 days.
Ink on paper, 8x10
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