Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Erickson Water Garden Inked

I have a couple of pieces of paper that are in a long format, and this location was the perfect spot for this composition.  Unable to get out and paint until the hottest part of the day, I was looking for the deep shade!  I nestled in between trees behind a bench to do my drawing.  Water was misting my way from the garden behind me, like a cooling breeze, so I worked in comfort!  My favorite pen was out of ink - so I used a back up!  Really, I need to keep ink in my bag for these pens!  I never know I'm out until I am in the middle of a drawing!  I love listening to the music of the waterfalls as I sketch.  Peaceful music indeed.  Painting number 1952 in 1952 days.
ink on paper, 6x12
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