Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Party Poinsettias

Party Poinsettias
Mixed media - watercolor, textured rice paper applique, 9x6
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I am experimenting again!  As an artist, I think it is invaluable to be involved in as many local art leagues as possible.  In today's meeting at Tri-County Art League, we had a program on applying textured rice paper to a floral watercolor painting.  I painted this in the morning before my work-out, so it would be dry before going to the meeting.  I then chose a few kinds of textured rice papers to tear little pieces off of.  I set them onto my painting, where I thought they would look best.  These little pieces are then applied with thinned down Elmer's school glue and an old paint brush.  This is a bit messy, as rice paper tends to get starchy when wet.  Only apply glue lightly to the back side of the rice paper, so the front side will still accept watercolor.  It will not, if the glue is too heavy.  When the glue dries, this paper can also be painted.  These special rice papers are super thin and delicate - available at cheapjoes.com.  Our local art stores no longer carry it.  This extra layer adds so much depth to the painting, and these can be layered as well.  I just can't wait to play with these papers!  So much can be learned from fellow artists - just one more reason to be involved in local leagues!  Painting number 689 in 689 days :)

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