Sunday, November 2, 2014

Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold
Watercolor batik on masa, 5x8
Elmore, Ohio - purchase here
As I walked out of my parents back door, this glorious golden tree was there to greet me!  The yellows are really popping up here in northern Ohio - and the autumn landscape is amazing!  I snapped pics all the way to the hospital this morning while the sun was shining brightly.  Once again, I am using the watercolor batik method.  I have not actually painted in the hospital before, but I knew that watercolors would be the safe and clean alternative.  Those who know me, know that I am a clean painter - and my work area was tiny so as not to be noticed!  I first sketched out my composition with an india ink pen while looking at my reference on my phone - all in my lap.  Laying my skinny watercolor palette between me and the end of the couch on a paper towel, I dipped my brush into a little pill cup for my water and then into the paint of choice.  So compact, it was the perfect set up for "hospital" painting!  Arriving home later, I was then able to wax, crinkle, and then paint again.  Ironing that wax off, I then topped off with a little more watercolor and was done!  Working at four at a time, I needed that extra time in between for drying. Those other two are now dry, so I had better move on to ironing them.  Painting number 673 in as many days :)

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