Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bridge in Autumn

Bridge in Autumn
Oil on panel, 6x6
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Some days it is just hard to focus.  I took a kinesis class Wednesday morning, and all seven classes since then have been SO much harder!  Piyo class this morning just about did me in!  With muscles so sore, I have persevered through the housework, and the countless chores of every day.  I am pretty obsessive about all things being done before I paint - since painting is a reward!  So, finally getting to my easel, I was at a loss of what to paint.  Several big projects are waiting in the wings, but I needed something smaller for my little painting window.  This is what I decided on - and it was hard to stay on task.  Perhaps tomorrow I should get back to drawing - where I don't even have to think!  Graphite truly is the best therapy - and maybe ditching the housework!  Painting number 693 in 693 days :)

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