Monday, November 17, 2014

Autumn at Neuschwanstein

Autumn at Neuschwanstein
Oil on panel, 9x12
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Today, I had a large block of time with which I could have painted non-stop.  So, what did I do with this time?  Housework!  I went through drawers, bagged clothes, dusted and washed down three shelves, and cleaned the yard before coming to my easel.  Crazy.  So, now, I am painting from a fairy tale today, a different view of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.  My son and his wife just returned with so many beautiful photos - and I am really enjoying them!  I painted this castle from a side view a couple of days ago.  This end of the castle was just a very small note on the right side of that painting.  Picturesque in it's detail and elegance, it has been a challenge to paint!  Wouldn't it be fabulous to live a day in this castle - wandering from room to room, turret to turret, exploring every inch?  With my love of historic buildings, castles rate right there at the top on my "must see" list!  This is set so high on the bluff, it makes one wonder how many people have fallen right off through the centuries.  The leaves were just donning their autumn shades, soon to give way to the cold days to come.  And we are supposed to go down to 8 degrees tonight - yuk!  This painting makes 688 in 688 days.

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