Sunday, November 9, 2014

Autumn's Bounty

Autumn Bounty
Watercolor batik on rice paper, 8x5
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This has been a day where I just couldn't seem to focus.  My second day home from Ohio had me catching up on chores, and all those other loose ends I needed to work on.  I started painting countless times, only to get up and take care of something else.  Finally, I am finished with this watercolor batik of a still life on the main street in Fairfield.  There were several wonderful displays outside of the shops - and this is only one of three that I intend to paint! I am finding a preference for the super thin rice paper.  I have just two pieces left, and then a whole roll of masa - and I think I'll have to go get some more of the thin paper!  It is harder to paint on, but there is something about that translucency that I really love!  The masa is thicker, still a rice paper, but it paints more like a watercolor paper.  So, if you love controlling your paint - masa is probably the right choice for you.  If part of you likes throwing caution to the wind - then the super thin rice paper may be the perfect fit!  This painting makes the 680 in as many days - wow - I am nearing 700 paintings :)


  1. Love the colors and the composition. 700 paintings??? Wow! and congratulations

  2. this is stunning Tammie! Almost 700 paintings that is astounding-I do hope you are reaping lots of sales!

  3. I wonder: super thin paper: how do you keep that from curling up? This piece is really beautiful, and perfect for autumn ,,,

  4. My eyes are dancing with this lovely's moody, seasonal, reflective and oh so beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous and festive!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. This is truly beautiful