Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yellow Rose in Bloom

Yellow Rose in Bloom
Oil on panel, 6x6
It has taken me all day to get this painting finished!  Starting after Piyo strength class this morning, I have had countless interruptions.  From family dropping by for a little impromptu party, altering a dress for tonight's Prom - complete with all the preparation involved and a photo shoot out on the lawn, I have just snuck in brushstrokes where I could!  I am studying the flow of paint on the petals, how to breathe life into each stroke.  I have always thought roses to be a challenge, so the extra study can only help to master these complicated beauties!  Today was warm and beautiful, but the winds have been howling - and storms are predicted for tomorrow. Maybe I'll switch things up and work with a little charcoal tomorrow.  Painting number 468 in as many days :)

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  1. Beautiful rose, and what you say about the way you have painted it is very interesting to read. You make each brushstroke count, not one too many and not one too few, and all where they should be, and the end result is quite breathtaking.