Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Midnight at Mount Pleasant

Midnight at Mount Pleasant Winery
Oil on panel, 9x12
Augusta Plein Air Festival 2014
As Teddy and I were walking out of the "Uncorked 100K" social, we stopped dead in our tracks and said. "Wow - wouldn't that make an amazing nocturne painting?"  From behind us, Kathy Kessler replies, "Do you want me to make that happen?"  Of course we did!  Next thing we know, we are going to retrieve my easel and paints, and to quickly prime our panels.  Back in a flash, and set up quickly, the light was fast fading from the sky.  We had the place to ourselves on this clear, warm night in the 70's, with nothing but the amazing light and view before us.  This is pure painting heaven.  The paint just rolled off the brush and onto the panel with a mind of it's own.  The darker it gets, the less you can read the colors, and the values are key.  I really love painting at night - it is so peaceful and quiet.  All of the busy noises of the day are gone, and night descends like a warm blanket.  A few of us gathered again tonight for a quick night paint in downtown Augusta.  I'll have to post that one another time.  At the rate I've been painting, I am going to be way ahead on my paintings for awhile!  What a way to kick off the plein air season!  This one makes painting number 483 in 483 days.  Oh, life is sweet :)

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