Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers
Oil on panel, 6x12
Today, I am stretching out the birthday fun one more day by painting my "birthday flowers"!  This beautiful arrangement was given to me by a dear friend - and now I am capturing them forever by putting them down in oils!  This arrangement is quite tall, so as I was skimming through my panels, my eyes fell upon the tall and narrow one.  It was just the right size and scale for this composition.  I don't normally like to center a vase on a panel, but with it's tall composition, setting it off to one side or the other just looked wonky.  It is set slightly to the shadow side, so as not to be a direct bullseye, and giving the light more prominence.  I chose the neutral gray as a background, but I may glaze over that later.  The color was actually warmer and browner, but it didn't "sit back" until I cooled it off.  We'll see.  The fresh eyes of a new day may have a better idea.  The flowers are so beautiful and their sweet scent wafts from the kitchen.  I truly love fresh cut flowers, and now that my garden is beginning to wake, I will soon be bringing them in from the beds!  Painting number 465 in 465 days.  Now its off to a meeting on this warm, beautiful evening :)

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  1. The gray background makes the arrangement just pop! It's a beautiful painting.