Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blush of the Flowering Plum

Blush of the FloweringPlum
Oil on panel, 10x8
My intention for today's work was a charcoal rendering of horses and riders, but when I awoke to find the plum and pears in full, explosive intentions changed!  With storms moving in, and the sky creating this wonderfully moody backdrop - I couldn't help but capture a little bit of this glory in oils.  This is a purple leaf plum we planted almost 20 years ago in the side yard, and it has the most delicious grape flavored plums in summer.  I have added a couple colors to my palette that I don't normally use - viridian green for that new spring grass and permanent rose for the pink blush.  This painting makes 467 in as many days.  I think spring may just be my favorite season to paint!


  1. Tammie I love the colors in this one, truly beautiful work!

  2. beautifully inspired piece! I love spring too.

  3. Spring colors at their best, Tammie!