Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pathway Garden

Garden Pathway
Oil on panel
I try to keep a few things painted ahead - just in case I run out of time in a day.  Some days, I even have enough time to finish two paintings.  Today was spent traveling, scouting, taking photos, enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends and preparing for tomorrow.  I brought in a panel to do a quick paint on, and then I started to wonder if I have even brought enough panels for all of the paint-outs on the agenda!  So, I thought I had better save that panel, as I may very well need it, and the art supply store is a long way off.  I did a quick pen and ink sketch of one of our cats - using a ball point pen - no kidding!  I may post that one later - if I need to.  This one is painted from late spring reference at a plein air event in the late afternoon.  This painting makes 477 in as many days.  Now, I need to read through my paperwork and get ready for the 6am paint out in Augusta Shores in the morning!  There are so many redbuds calling my name!!!

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