Monday, March 3, 2014

Profile Study

Profile in progress
Profile Study
Oil on panel, 8x10

Today, my time is limited, so I chose to paint a profile - and did it in an hour and a half.  The one in progress was maybe 40 minutes into the painting, and you can still see some of my pastel sketch lines marking the hair.  As I see these two together.....there is really something I like about the first one.  I know it sounds silly, since it isn't half done, but the loose strokes and the unrefined areas of light and shadow are kind of cool.  In addition, I paint in north light, and this photo is taken right off my easel - so the color is pretty cool in temperature.  This has me seriously considering a loose finish on the next one.  Perhaps just barely a few wide strokes for the background and that is it.  This may also sound crazy, but I think I like the paler eye finish on the left versus the darker one on the right.  Is it crazy?  This is painting number 427 in as many days - and now it is time to get ready to go out for dinner!


  1. I love both, though it is hard to know when to stop, at least for me.
    You are very talented...beautiful work!

  2. Powerful presence to this beautiful gentle face..gorgeous..I love both ! I Incredible art my friend..such talent and very awe-inspiring!