Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lover's Leap Landslide

Landslide at Lover's Leap
Oil on panel, 6x12

Trying to get my work done with a new puppy is like having a baby around again!  Everything I do must be done in little spurts - with lots of interruptions.  Today, I am capturing another of Missouri's little known events in history - the Landslide at Lover's Leap in Hannibal, Missouri.  Wanting to show the height of this landmark, I am painting on a tall vertical panel for this scene.  Using an orange primed surface, I've allowed little pops of color to show through here and there for added energy.  Painting number 453 in 453 days.  Following - the story of the event.

Terrific Landslide near Hannibal, Mo
Jan 13, 1859
The Hannibal MO Messenger states that a great landslide took place a few days since at Lover’s Leap, near that city. From the top of the bluff, for some four hundred years, the entire mass of earth has slid some forty or fifty feet, carrying in its wake trees, stumps, and everything in fact that offered any impediment to its wild career. It must, indeed, have been a grand sight to witness this awful avalanche of upwards of 100,000 square yards, whirling down the steep descent with the speed of a hurricane, and a rumbling almost to that of thunder. From ten to twelve dirt cars were smashed to pieces, and many of their axles (four inches in diameter, and of solid iron) were snapped like so many reeds, others were bent completely double, and the bodies of the cars scattered hither and yon.

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