Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Long Ride

The Long Ride
Charcoal on pastel paper, 8x10
Wanting to work on this image today, I chose the "vintage" medium of charcoal.  Having learned so much about drawing when a child using this medium, I have only done a sprinkling of these charcoals in recent years, and am exploring a bit with paper.  Passing over the bristol, I had these Strathmore pastel sheets in assorted colors - and picked a white one.  I don't think I've ever used them.  Right off the bat, I didn't like the texture - like tiny pockets all over the surface.  Since the tooth should aid the charcoal - I forged ahead.  I got an early birthday present from my middle son - powdered charcoal - and I tried it out on this piece!  The really cool thing about the powdered charcoal is that I can dip my finger in and spread it on for quick coverage of larger areas.  I even dipped a tortillion in and spread it directly on the surface of the paper.  Wonderful control of a messy medium!  I drew this with reference that I took the day of the civil war reenactment last August - this man acting as Quantrill.  This is artwork number 447 in 447 days. So fun to play with new supplies!

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  1. I thought your charcoal drawing was so marvellous that I turned the laptop around and showed it to Dev, and he said "Excellent". He has struggled with charcoal, but has found charcoal coloured pencils and has enjoyed those - perhaps because they are not so messy. You have achieved so much detail in what is less than A4 size. The effect of the charcoal powder on the trees is so good.