Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hanging in the Barn

Hanging in the Barn
Oil on canvas, 6x8
Exploring in the milk barn has been an adventure since my childhood days.  With my brother, or distant cousins, we would sneak over as soon as the cattle had cleared the field.  I never did want to be in the pasture with those very large animals!  So many cool old things could be found in the barn.  These items still hang on nails in the milk barn, left there by my grandmother many years ago.  I love the old nails poking out from the interior barn wall, with their small treasures just waiting to be pulled down and used.  I have painted this one on an unprimed canvas, only because it was the right size for the composition.  I really need to prime those new canvases - because I keep picking them up and using them as-is!  I did have to fight the weave a bit, I much prefer a light texture of my own application to paint on.  Getting into the rhythm once again of darkest darks and lightest lights, this one came together easily.  As white was the underlying color - I had to cover every speck with paint.  When I start with a tinted panel, there is no need to cover the whole thing, and I even like the unity of the tint popping through in random places.  Maybe I will finally prime those babies tomorrow!  Painting number 436 in as many days - hoping the warm weather returns tomorrow!


  1. That barn sounds like a real treasure ... Love your loose paintingstyle and the warm browns .

    1. Thank you so much! You never know what will turn up in that barn!