Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lining up the Horses

Lining up the Horses
Oil on panel, 16x12
Civil War Paint-Out - south pasture
Early on Saturday Morning, the horses arrived for the reenactment.  One by one they were unloaded from their trailer, and help in place. So excited they were with the fresh green grass - each one ravenously chewed the area in front of them.  By day's end, the fence line behind them was completely trimmed up, and the tree was pruned to reveal the pole barn wall behind it.  The palomino even ate the poison ivy that was starting to get a stronghold at the corner of the barn!  The area was left so pretty in their wake, I plan to paint it at morning's light!  Painting number 230 in as many days.  I may be painting on barn wood if I don't hurry and get more panels cut!

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