Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Edgewood Hollyhocks

Edgewood Hollyhocks
Oil on panel, 6x6
While in Door County, I spent a fun day at the Edgewood Orchard Gallery, painting en plein air.  I looked first for shelter, as rain was in the forecast.  Finding a protected area was not enough in this case.  This was the painting I was working on when my easel was suddenly flooded by a torrential downpour!  I had to take my shoes off and lift my easel up to walk it to high ground.  Afterwards, these beautiful hollyhocks were no longer upright, but were laying over towards the ground.  This gallery is a wonderful place to visit - and the grounds are SO paintable!  I would love the chance to paint there again.  Painting number 222 in 222 days :)

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