Thursday, August 8, 2013

Home from Fishing

Home from Fishing
Tinted graphite on bristol, 9x12
Michael and his cousin Jack were walking back up to the house from the pond.  They had found the fishing poles in the old milk barn - and had to try them out!  At 9 years of age, they were deep in discussion about the bait and the lures they had found in the old tackle box.  I snapped this photo as I trailed behind them with Michaela and Jack's two younger sisters.  A simple childhood moment captured in time, and it brings back fond memories of a day spent on the banks of the pond.  I think I will do this one in oils as well, perhaps cropping in a little closer to the boys.  Life goes by so quickly, and the most important times are the everyday moments.  Cherish each and every one.  This is the 216th artwork in 216 days.

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