Sunday, August 11, 2013

Abundant Hollyhocks

Abundant Hollyhocks
Fish Creek Quick Paint
Door County Plein Air
The village of Fish Creek fills up with patrons and artists very early on the day of the Quick Paint.  To be sure we got a good parking spot - we arrived shortly after 6:00 in the morning.  This ensures that we don't have to haul our gear too far from car to location.  These glorious hollyhocks grabbed my attention several days before - and I knew it would be my spot.  When the horn blows, we start painting.  It will blow again in 2 hours - and then we must lay down our brushes.  On this day, I visited with everyone who came by, not really paying attention to the time.  When I finally did check my watch, I had only 20 minutes left!  Yikes!  With a last flurry of impressionistic strokes - I finished.  After the horn, I rushed to frame it at my car, and get it stamped again.  All paintings must be stamped before and after the event.  Quick paints are a lot of fun - and the socials after are even better.  This is my 220th painting in 220 days.

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  1. oh wow Tammie loving your latest painting, the background and the lovely hollyhocks, Annette x