Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hydrangeas by the Porch

Hydrangeas by the Porch
Oil on panel, 11x14
This morning started with a breakfast cooked by one of the civil war men over the campfire.  Eggs, bacon, and ham cooked in an iron skillet - and various sides - so delicious!  After breakfast, it was time to start getting things cleaned up.  Next the organizers came to take down the large tent and the civil war tents were taken down, camp being cleared of all traces of 1863.  With a little more visiting and sharing farewells, it was time to prepare for our next event - a birthday lunch at my Aunt's house for my cousin Stephanie.  Starting to feel a little tired, we headed home for a little more family time on my parent's last day in town.  My oldest daughter came by with her little darlings.  I just got to witness little Alastair's first serious temper tantrum.  It gave me flashbacks of a little darling of my own - Travis, some 22 years ago.  After days of so much non-stop activity, I think it is time for some rest.  Maybe tomorrow.  I started this painting in Fish Creek, and I still want to tweak it a little.  Since time is almost up for the day - this is my 227th painting in as many days.


  1. Tammie, I am so glad to see that you didn't stop painting inspite of you are so busy with your family!
    be creative as you always do and happy

    1. Thank you, Nat! Maybe things will calm down a little with school starting :)