Thursday, October 4, 2012

Woodville Grain Elevator

Irene Webster Pippitt Historical Award
2012 HFAA Show
This fabulous grain elevator is virtually unchanged since it was built in 1920.  It received it's last coat of paint in the 80's, and has only been used sporadically in recent years.  It resides in the town of Woodville, OH - which is just down the Portage River Road 4 miles from my parent's house.  Reports say that it will be torn down before it becomes a dangerous building.  I wanted to capture it in oil, before it goes the way of so many other american icons.  This is hands down the most beautiful, historic grain elevator I have had the pleasure of seeing and painting.  This is now showing at the HFAA Show in the Historic Catergory.

Woodville Grain Elevator
Oil on panel - 11x14

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