Sunday, October 7, 2012

Misty Morn in Autumn

Misty Morn in Autumn - 11x14, oil on panel
I love when the weather starts changing and autumn is in the air - especially after the super hot, dry summer we have had in Missouri!  Fog and mist were spreading like a blanket as I started this painting.  Easel and paints set up in Augusta shores, this plein air "path" was really a clearing through the woods for electrical wires.  With a little artistic license, the path unfolded before me.  The leaves were dropping beautifully - lining the woodland floor and leading me right down that path.  I pull out indian red and cad yellow deep at this time of the year - and I'm playing with the Gamblin grays, too.  I use a limited palette so much of the time - it is fun to try something new on a whim!  The turning of the leaves is such a brief and magical time - I sure hope they don't all turn and drop before I've painted my fill!

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