Monday, October 29, 2012

Kat and Chloe

Kat and Chloe
graphite on bristol - sold
It is so easy to draw someone I know - especially when she is one of the sweetest friends I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!  She is pictured here with her new little bundle of joy.  There is something about the bond of motherhood that draws me in like no other - almost as if I am compelled to capture it with pencil and paper.  I used my favorite vellum bristol and did the majority of work with my trusted 8B water-soluable pencil.  Perhaps as little as 5% of this drawing was executed with my other various pencils.  They are simply not needed.  When I reach the point where I can almost feel my subject breathe, I lay my pencil down, step back from the paper, and take a long look.  I let it rest until the next day, and look again.  If I am still satisfied, I sign it, and look towards the next piece.

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