Monday, October 22, 2012

My Little Chickadees

My Little Chickadees
Oil on panel, 11x14
Flowers and birds always call out to me when I'm out in the countryside painting.  These irises called to me from a garden along the road side in Augusta - just east of the little park in town.  I started this during a Joshua Been workshop on a cool, crisp morning - my first attempt at plein air iris painting using my oils.  The trick for me was to be sure and get enough paint on the surface!  I was able to lay the paint on thicker than I normally do - which was so much fun!  I absolutely love the feel of the creamy oil paints under my brush.  Feeling like the painting needed a little more interest, I added the chickadees later - while looking out my kitchen window to the feeders. That is the great thing about being the artist, I can change things up with a few more strokes - anytime :)

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