Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Karl and Kaden

Karl and Kaden
16x20 graphite on bristol
The bonds that tie are such a compelling subject for me.  This is the companion portrait to the "Kat and Chloe" of the last post.  I love drawing mothers and babies, but I also love the father-baby bond.  There is no relationship as tender as that of a parent and child.  This piece was also executed mainly with an 8B pencil.  I like to use a variety of paper tortillions to blend and shade the flesh areas of the faces and hand.  I additionally use a mechanical pencil for the lash and brow work - once I have shaded in the main areas.  Once I feel like the portrait is finished, I spray it lightly with workable fixative to prevent amy smudging of the graphite.  I also try very hard not to touch the bristol with my hands as I work.  If the oil from my skin gets onto the paper, it changes the way those spots accept the lead.  If I decide more work is needed, I simply continue drawing, always finishing with a fixative on top.

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